Monday, August 06, 2007

At the beach...

Well, we finally made it to Pismo Beach! We decided to leave on Saturday and make a stop over at Bakersfield. Denise found this place called Orange Grove RV Park that was pretty nice with good facilities. That gave us the opportunity to do some running around in Bakersfield and be an hour closer to Pismo. On Sunday we packed up and headed out. The trip to Pismo was pretty uneventful and we arrived a little bit early!

It was kind of funny with the check in because first, a guy on a Segway was directing traffic into the park. Second they put is in the one place we DIDN’T want to end up. Now the funny this is they gave us the perfect spot. The lot they gave us is REALLY large and is right next to the playground. It is also on the edge of the park so there is block walls right behind us preventing another escape possibility for Deanna.

It is just really great being here. It would be nice if Devin and Desirae could be here too but I am sure they are having a bunch of fun at Nana and Max’s place!

We did take a trip down to Santa Barbara on Monday to eat at Anderson’s Pea Soup and to go by Samy’s Camera. I was considering renting a telephoto lens but I changed my mind and bought a tele-converter for my lens. It get’s me in the same range without having to return it in a few days. I think in the future though renting some nice glass would be a good idea. For the shots I have planned the converter should work fine.

We are still trying to figure out what we are going to do tomorrow. I am leaning toward staying around the Pismo but there is a chance we might head to a farmer’s market they are having in Paso Robles but I am not sure. We are also toying around the idea of going to the Hearst Castle. I guess we’ll just have to play it by ear and see what we end up doing!


At Thursday, 09 August, 2007, Blogger Brad said...

Let me try this again (my connection apparently failed two days ago when I last tried this).

Happy birthday Duane.

I hope you had a good one. Talk to you soon.



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