Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Tulsa Zoo

Today we made the journey to the Tulsa Zoo. Denise has been telling me about this place for a while and we finally made it out there. I am not sure if it was just me but the weather was brutal today. Very humid and it started pouring when we finally left (which made it a bit better). It really was a nice zoo and was setup very nice. There were a few exhibits that were closed for renovation but it all in all it was pretty darn nice. Devin was dying so he ended up riding in a wagon for the first part of the day and then we checked out a wheel chair for the second part of the day. I think that helped a lot. With the weather he just couldn't hang. I think Denise and I were about to die so it was definitely understandable. I posted some of the pictures here!

After we left the zoo we headed over (in the pouring rain I might add) to a place that Denise used to like to eat when she used to live in Tulsa. It was pretty good although a bit stressful trying to find in conditions were the road seemed like it was going to wash away and visibility was pretty much nothing. OBTW - in California we have fake rain. Out here they have SERIOUS rain...


At Wednesday, 13 June, 2007, Blogger Donna Rae said...

LOL - I am sure they do have SERIOUS rain back there. Great Zoo pics.


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