Monday, April 16, 2007


Well, this wasn't exactly what I was going for - but I had a problem this evening and EVERY shot I took with my 70-200 was out-of-focus so they were all trash. Now I should have checked the focus at 100% when I first imported the shots - but it was the last step - and I almost forgot about it. I had just finished processing the images when a little voice said - you should check the focus on these images. It was really disappointing - but it was just that I was sloppy in my focus. Now this shot is tack sharp but it isn't really stock worthy. However I have decided that I need to start taking more portrait shots to get my skill level up for that. So all is not lost.

Speaking of stress it was kind of funny today because I was talking to my counter part at work today and he is where I was quite a few years ago with the eye twitch. When I came in to talk to him today - to compare notes and such - he mentioned his eye and he definitely had a twitch. It is just truly amazing the situation we find ourselves in.

On another note Denise had a Tupperware party today. It was a pretty quickly thrown together event but it sounded like it was pretty cool. Denise took some photographs of the event but I have no idea where her camera is right now. So tomorrow when I can find it I will post an image of it.


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