Saturday, April 14, 2007

More studio work...

The big plan today was to do some studio work. Denise had the idea about shooting some bubbles so we set everything up for that. Kris wanted to do some photography and Lightroom stuff so he came over and helped out. He also took some shots - like the one above - of everything that was going on. I didn't get exactly what I had in my mind, but I do think we got some really good stuff. Sometimes it really feels like trying to herd cats when directing the kids in a shoot. Desirae really did some wonderful stuff later in the second shoot. Actually during that session the idea was to get the kids playing with the grass from the Easter baskets. I ended up submitting 2 (and one really had uneven lighting and I shouldn't have submitted it) but I had a bunch of Desirae just by herself that really look great.I have already uploaded 24 images from two separate shoots today so hopefully my image are good and the reviews push them forward.

In the shot about you can see the two new softboxes and the old Alien bees on umbrellas. It is REALLY nice to have strobes to light everything evenly. I used the ABs to light the blue seamless paper and the two large softboxes to light the kids. It worked out REALLY well.


At Sunday, 15 April, 2007, Blogger Donna Rae said...

I know it must be a hassle, but what fun shooting the kids. Cute picture of Deanna!


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