Sunday, March 25, 2007


Well we had the appointment on Friday and it went well. She is a candidate for the surgery and we have it scheduled for Tuesday afternoon. So hopefully everything will go well and she will have good vision as a result of it. They did a battery of tests and measurements on her eyes and vision, I am not sure what all they did but it took about an hour to go through everything. I did ask the person performing the tests what her uncorrected vision was and he said it was 20/1000. That is amazing... So my mom is coming down tomorrow (monday) and will watch the kids on Tuesday and take Denise down to her followup appointment on Wednesday. Hopefully everything will go well!

Oh I FINALLY finished cleaning up the garage and moved set the studio up. The shot about was a test shot with the roll of black seamless paper we bought on Friday. Other than there really isn't a lot of room I think it will work well. The problem is going to be with the distances - you really need space to shoot things right. I had to really adjust the lights to keep the background from being lit. Oh well - will have to work on that one!


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