Monday, January 15, 2007

More test shots...

We made our trek down to Los Angeles to hit the Lego Store for the kids. Like I mentioned before we told Devin he could have a new Lego set because of how well he did with his casts. So that trip went pretty good and after that we stopped at Calumet so I could check out their booms and instructional DVDs. I ended up buying their boom (they make pretty good stuff) and the DVD – which seems pretty good so far. The shot above was made using the boom to position the light directly above with a reflector directly below. I saw a similar setup during that Photoshop seminar I went to. I think the lighting is a little flat – but for stock I think it will work wonderfully.

The only bad thing about today is that I had to go into work to check on a scheduled power outage. We had three technicians (on my side) working today to make sure nothing bad happened. The outage went really well and they finished MUCH earlier than I thought they would have. That allowed us to leave earlier for LA than I thought we were going to be able to.


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