Saturday, January 20, 2007

Willow Springs...

A buddy from work (Ken Ryder) asked if we (Kris and I) would come out and shoot his practice runs today (he is racing tomorrow). So Kris and I met up and Rosamond and drove out to Willow Springs. Ken shoots with a Canon and had a tele-converter for his 70-200 2.8 IS lens so I just used his gear to shoot the event. My lens (basically the same thing) didn't have the reach without a converter. Kris used is Canon 100-400 IS lens. The shots posted here are from my Nikon and I didn't shot any of Ken's runs with my gear - I should get the pictures next week. It was really a blast and something that I have never done before so it was a lot of fun. It was also kind of weird using a different brand of camera. The controls were all in different places and I didn't really know how to navigate the menus. I think framing wise I got some good shoots and so did Kris. It will be interesting to see how everything looks at full resolution though.


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