Sunday, January 14, 2007

Another photo day...

I met up with Kris this afternoon to check out some new locations to photograph. We went to this one place with really cool rocks that I have seen on the way down to LA. I didn't realize that it was a park area and that you could drive out there. It was a pretty neat area with a lot of potential. I am sure people photographed the heck out of it - but it seems like a neat place to go back to. I took the above picture there. On the image to the left I was thinking about something Laurin had said about the latitude of DSLR sensors and how you really only have a 5 stop range. So I saw this rock face in complete shadow and thought of that. I think I am not starting to understand why you should shoot before sun rise and after sun set because the lighting is the most even at that time and you should be able to capture the most detail. For instance that shot was for 1 second at F/22 but I think the lighting is pretty nice and the details is spot on. Anyway since I have been switching my mindset away from a journalistic methodology and onto a more creative it has been really fun.

On the way back I saw the train with the steam and I pulled off the side of the road to get it. The only bad thing is that it was COLD COLD COLD! Anyway it was a pretty good time and I think I got some good shots. I have a couple that I think I will post as stock too.


At Tuesday, 16 January, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Duane! Such great shots of the rocks and the train. Where did you find the rock park that you can drive into?

All the best,


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