Saturday, October 14, 2006

Lego Store & Calumet....

We decided to drive down to Los Angeles today because the kids wanted to go to the Lego store and I wanted to finally check out Calumet. The Lego store was pretty cool and Devin found another kit to put together. This one was about 200 more pieces than the last thing he built so it should be pretty intense. Desirae bought something a bit simpler but they both really liked to visit the store again. The only bad thing is that it was a weekend and there were a million people there.

Calumet was pretty interesting but it wasn’t as large as Samy’s Camera. I ended up getting a bit lost and went the wrong way. I was thinking that we could get there on the 5 but I was WAY wrong. So we ended up having a nice surface street tour of downtown Los Angeles. The store was pretty neat though. Devin and Desirae were also pretty good and held it together without any problems. I am not sure if I will be heading down there again, I still think that Canoga is my store of choice – and for selection Samy’s beats them all.

We let Deanna run around a bit before we got back onto the road. She was pretty good until we stopped to get something for dinner. We were letting her walk around before dinner and she did a head plant on the corner of the doorframe. It almost split open her little forehead and she wasn’t too happy about it. After a bit of ice she calmed down and now we are in the watching game to make sure there are no problems as a result. It was a really nasty fall and it could have been a lot worse. We ended up trying out our new “call a nurse” feature of our insurance on the way back and they gave Denise some things to watch for and they are going to call back tomorrow to check. This kind of put a huge damper on the day!


At Saturday, 14 October, 2006, Anonymous Mrs. Joseph said...

I came upon your blog during my random sojourn through the "next blog" button and wanted to let you know that I visited. Your photos are fantastic! Your children are adorable. Good luck!

At Sunday, 15 October, 2006, Blogger Duane said...

Hello Mrs. Joseph! Thank you for your nice comments! I truly appreciate it!


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