Saturday, September 30, 2006

There be Daisies in those fields...

Okay, so that doesn't really make any sense, but I thought it was funny! Today was Desirae's first meeting for the Girl Scouts and she became a Daisy today. There was a bridging ceremony for all the girls similar to the one Devin went to a few months ago. Desirae was VERY excited about this today and has been looking forward to it all week. Her group was the first one to go once the meeting started. There was actually quite a few people there too. I was kind of surprised about that. They had the meeting at the cafeteria in the school (means terrible lighting) but my SpeedLite worked pretty good in there.

Bella is also in the same group so Desirae and her ran around like wild ones throughout the meeting. They both were very excited about the meeting and going through the bridge. As soon as we arrived Desirae and Bella were basically inseparable which was kind of fun to watch.

From there we drove into Bakersfield to make a trip to Camping World. I was hoping to find some plastic containers when we got there but they were sold out. Denise didn't really realize what I was looking for and once we left basically said it would have been easier to get them at either K-Mart or Wal-Mart. Oh well, I should have just asked her about that in the first place.

We also stopped off for some Mexican food while we were in town. Everyone, except Denise, liked their food. Because of the 1 May 06 thing we do not visit our local Mexican restaurants anymore. They were closed in support of illegal immigration and I just can't get over that. They are supposed to be building a new restaurant in town soon(ish) so maybe we can revisit that then. So far though I kind of like the fact we don't do it much because it makes the food seem better when we do go.


At Sunday, 01 October, 2006, Blogger Donna Rae said...

Desirae looks so cute and excited. Very cool that the kids are brancing out.


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