Sunday, October 08, 2006

Pumpkin patch

I really wanted to get out of the house today so I took Desirae and we went into Lancaster. The idea was to head to Staples, get some gas, then go to the book store. Somewhere in there, around the gas part, Desirae saw a pumpkin patch carnival and asked to go. So once I finished filling up we headed over there. Desirae ended up riding three of the four things they had. They had a really large slide, which was the first thing that she rode. I was a bit worried about that one because I think the height of it was really getting to her when she crawled up there. Right behind her was another little boy and she watched him VERY intently before she scooted over the edge. Then she went on this swing thing that went around in circles. The last thing she did was one of those jumping house things. I also ended up buying LARGE pumpkins that I think we will crave up tomorrow!


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