Saturday, October 07, 2006

Something different

Today we tried something a bit different than we normally would. Denise took Deanna into town and I took Devin and Desirae on a little trip around town that ultimately ended up in the park. It was pretty cool and they both seemed to have a good time. Desirae really wanted to do some running around and at first we were thinking about just walking around in the desert. The park turned out to be a better solution and after a bit of complaining Devin even got into it and kept going around to come down the slide. We started out walking around the pond watching the ducks, and then getting over to the playground equipment. There were a bunch of people there and we moved over to the less populated area so the kids could play without being trampled.

The original plan for the day was to do some exploring looking for a spot to potentially take the trailer and do an overnighter. I would really like to find a good place to photograph and use the trailer so that we could do some late afternoon shooting and early morning stuff. We did find a couple of good spots that seemed like good camping locations - though I didn't really have much success finding the "right" photographic spot.

Denise's run into town was a Costco trip and a Boy Scout trip. It turns out that we bought the wrong size of shirt for Devin and we needed some more stuff to finish up his "uniform". So he should have a good outfit for the meeting next Friday. Devin is pretty excited about getting all of his stuff.


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