Friday, September 15, 2006

Unexpected mail

Today in the mail we had something from Rally GMC/Chevolet. It turns out that (I guess) I owed less or something on the Murano when I traded it in on the truck and they sent us a nice check in the mail. You know you generally expect to see bills or something not a check. It was pretty good timing and will help out - extra money is always nice.

Denise and I talked earlier and we went ahead and ordered another Alien Bee AB800. They approved my "educational" discount since I am a student so that saved us 10% - that was pretty cool. So we probably won't have it until next week at the earliest - but at least I have more power (light) on it's way. I will probably also pick up some of that seamless paper and see if that helps. I was talking with one of the guys from work and they seem to think that it might help.

Either way I have some type of road trip planned for some time tomorrow. Hmm - that's pretty firm... Anyway Kris, Todd, and I are going to connect tomorrow and make some pictures... Now I just need to figure out how to get a 9' box home...


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