Saturday, September 23, 2006

More pictures...

Well I didn't take any pictures today so I went with another image from the Santa Monica trip. This one was pretty nice and to me it just feels relaxing. Considering our day today - I need relaxing!

We drove into Bakersfield today to get our trailer. After stopping for lunch and then buying a replacement microwave we headed over to the shop to pick up the trailer. They were closed today but they left the trailer outside the gate so we could hook it up and leave. Everything looked good, from the outside... However it appears as though they damaged it on the inside pop-out. I am not really sure what happened but the cabinet starts to separate from the roof when the pop-out is in - but looks okay when it is out. We tried to call someone from Stier;s RV but they were of little help. Basically they said we could make an appointment to bring it back - or leave it there and hope for the best... Ultimately we decided to just bring it back home. Oh well...


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