Saturday, September 16, 2006

Boondoggle central...

Today was like boondoggle central! I think I mentioned that I was tentatively planning on going on a photo hunt with Kris and Todd today. With the way last week was going I wasn’t really looking forward to it nor did I really want to go. However I know that if I can force myself to get off my butt and go it will be REALLY fun. That is exactly how today turned out. We got together around 1300 and headed down below to hit some camera stores and try to do some shooting.

Our first stop was to head to Canoga Camera – I wanted to get some 107” seamless roll of paper which I got. From there we loaded everything back up in the van, I took the van to hold the paper, and started headed toward the next store. About half way there we decided to divert from shopping. We were not really sure where we wanted to go and after much discussion we decided to head down to the beach to take some shots there. So we ended up driving down Santa Monica Blvd and parked in a garage a block up from the ocean and headed out on foot. We started out walking through the streets and such just checking out everything that was going on.

It was pretty neat because I have never been to that location and honestly I would have never thought I would have gone (especially considering I drove). But it was really pretty neat. The drive down wasn’t too bad and I didn’t stress too much. The walking around was really neat and just seeing the different area (photo ops) was very nice.

I even (finally) asked my first stranger if I could take their picture – it was this guy on a skate board. I took quite a few picture and once I can get in a edit a few I will know if I got anything really good. The lighting wasn’t great – I didn’t notice the bright spot in the shot so they were kind of dark. But I was glad that I finally saw someone that I thought would be interesting to photograph and actually approached him and asked.


At Sunday, 17 September, 2006, Blogger Donna Rae said...

Sounds like a fun day and I like the picture of the skateboader!


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