Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Eye check...

So I went in for my eye appointment today to check on those floaters and such. The good news? My eyes appear fine and they did not see any problems with them. They also could not find anything that I should have seen as floaters and my description of tracers did not see to corollate with anything either. So it's either a brain tumor or stress. Okay - that was my little addition there. It does appear as though it is probably stress related. Anyway the part that REALLY was bad is when they put those neat little drops in my eyes my ability to focus my eyes completely went away. I couldn't focus on ANYTHING. They did give me the reversal drops but the entire way home I could read anything. It was VERY irritating and something I did not like. The one funny part about this is when I got home I pulled out my old glasses (from 1986 I think) and I was able to see out of my left eye then... Go figure. Everything is almost back to normal now.

Oh - I did get my first large file sale from iStock Photo. It was the kiddy pool picture that is selling so well on ShutterStock. So I made a whole $1 on this one. It was neat to see the "large" increase in total sales and to see that someone bought a large image. My guess is that it will be used in a bigger (physical size wise) ad campaign.


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