Friday, August 11, 2006

I know - lets drive some more...

I know lets get back in the car and drive down below! Okay it seemed like a much better idea before we TRIED to come home. There was brush fire on the highway about halfway home and we basically had to sit on the freeway for about an hour. An hour wouldn’t have been so bad had it not been 2200 hours at the time. Once we finally got through the stoppage we still had another hour to go before we arrived home! I suppose on the way down when we passed the flipped car we should have realized it was going to be a long day, but on that one the traffic wasn’t that bad.

The idea for today was to drive down to the Los Angeles area and hit a couple of stores. Our primary destination was Ikea. Without Devin and Desirae with us we were able to really go through the entire store and look at all the different stuff. The last time we went down there the kids got bored pretty quickly. Denise found ALMOST everything that she was looking for but it was still cool and it really is an interesting store. At least this time we knew what to expect so we weren’t so freaked out by it.

Since we were in that generally area we ate dinner across the street at Chevy’s. The food was pretty good there and I am still not missing not eating at our local Mexican restaurants. From there we walked over to Barnes and Noble and bought a couple of books, then went upstairs to check out CompUSA, and finally we went back to the car to feed Deanna and decide our next plan of attack.

I kind of wanted to go to an Apple store so I called and got directions to the Glendale Apple store. We ended up driving the surface streets to just see if we could find it that way – and amazingly enough we ended up picking the right road and made it there.

Once we parked and got situated there we ended up going to the Lego store first instead of the Apple store. I only mention this because when I called I was asking to see if they had the new wireless Mighty Mouse (without cape) that they did. I didn’t think about it and figured we could look around at other places before heading over to the Apple store. Well, that turned out to be a mistake because when we got there they had sold out their last one about 5 minutes before and I was just SOL. It was kind of disappointing but oh well. If I really decide to get one I can just order it online.

The finally stop in the Glendale Galleria was to See’s Candy. Denise happened to see someone with a bag walking through the mall so we searched out and found it. So we ended up getting mints, chocolate mints, and chocolate balls. They also gave us some samples of various kind of chocolates.


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