Monday, May 15, 2006

Todd at work...

Today was the start of an exercise on the base. This week we will be playing "games" with different scenarios to test aspects of our "readiness". Anyway I met Todd, one of my photo buddies and someone I work with, at one of our sites while he was helping to get our video broadcast link working. I happen to have my camera with me today so I decided to work on a "Todd at work" series, much to his dismay. Anyway it was a pain to have the problem but he got it working. Oh, and the red hat, he is an Exercise Evaluation Team (EET) member and gets to wear that cool hate to tell everyone that he is an inspector for the exercise.

Anyway, I am off TDY (temporary duty) to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio for a couple of days. I fly out tomorrow and come back late Thursday night. Now this is the way to spend an exercise! As it turns out it was a VERY short notice tasking and I found out about it on Friday. I think it will be interesting and though I am not looking forward to the trip - I am looking forward to the experience. I am traveling pretty light so I don't think I am going to take a camera (though I might borrow Denise's).


At Wednesday, 17 May, 2006, Blogger Donna Rae said...

Hope you have fun!

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