Saturday, April 15, 2006

Road (photo) trip...

Okay, well this wasn't really a major road trip or anything. I was on a mission to replace Denise's DVD player that died. According to the online stores from Circuit City the closest store that actually had the player she wanted was in Bakersfield. Since I was going that way anyway I loaded up the camera gear in case I ran across a scene that would make a good photograph. The weather was also unusual today and on the way back this area looked pretty interesting too me so I pulled off the freeway to take some shots. I suppose I probably shouldn't have mixed color and black and white but I thought they both worked well together. When i finished "developing" the close-up on the fence I thought it need to be black and white.

Oh, my internet provider (Charter Cable) still hasn't fixed my internet connection so I am still down sizing all of my images so I can get them onto Smugmug... If I don't they won't load... Hopefully they (Charter) will get this resolved soon!


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