Sunday, May 16, 2010

Long weekend camping...

When we bought our new(ish) trailer we received a complimentary stay at one of the Colorado River RV Resorts.  They have been trying to coordinate a weekend with us for almost two years now.  A few months ago Denise went ahead and scheduled a stay at their KQ Ranch Resort down near San Diego up in the mountains.  So I ended up taking Friday off and we headed down there "early".  The only problem, well the first problem, was that it was a 6 hour drive and with stops too us around 8 hours to get there.

Being one of those resort type of things we had to sit through a sales presentation.  The cool part is that we got a full tour of the facility and it was one of the few times that we have been out that I really left like I know about the place we were staying.  It was a really nice place and under different circumstances (and if it was closer) it would probably be a really cool play to be a member of.  Ultimately we decided not to purchase a membership but it was a pretty good weekend.

The only problem is that I had a little diabetic type problem during the presentation so that kind of messed up the timing on Saturday.  Everyone was really good about it and it could have been a lot worse.  Our rep even took an interest in Devin and presented him with a hand made walking cane that he is enjoying using.  His current one is really falling apart so timing was great on that.

The big thing that Desirae wanted to do was use the pool and as you can see from the image above she got her wish on that!  All in all it was a really cool trip.  We did have some RV issues along the way such as nearly running out of gas, loosing the entire 12V system, damaging the safety break and loosing the hot water heater for a while.  All in all though it was a really cool weekend though.  We did get so send a few hours in Julian and on the way out we stopped and had a nice lunch and a stop at an apple pie shop that was pretty cool.


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