Sunday, May 23, 2010

Fun and games... Kinda...

So here's the deal, Denise really likes Scrabble but it is something I don't really play with her because she just smokes me and it makes it not really fun.  The kids decided they wanted to play and I took a break (ie, nap) while they set everything up.  When I got up they were still in the middle of the game.  I would like to say that it was a fun relaxing time and that everything was truly enjoying it...  It honestly seemed like an exercise in frustration.  By the time I came out the kids couldn't even come up with the simplest words and were pretty much arguing about everything.  I tried to help out but it didn't really seem to help...  Oh well... It was a good idea and it seems like it could have been fun.

Otherwise today has been kind of a laid back day.  We thought about going into Bakersfield to hit Camping World to get the replacement parts for the stuff that broke last weekend but we decided to just stay home.

Well tonight is the series finale of LOST, so that should be interesting...  At least we can mark another show of the list of things that we got roped into watching! 


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