Sunday, October 18, 2009

California City Renaissance Faire...

It has been a long weekend, but today we headed out to enjoy the California City Renaissance Faire. Every year, that we can remember, this time in October they have this recurring event. We are very glad to report that every year it gets better and better! There are a lot of normal venders/performers, such as the Black Horse Armory, who put on an outstanding show! As you can also see from the image above they did their traditional “fight” with the kids. It was great fun and the this year even Deanna got into it. The rest of the photographs are here!

We also sat down and watched "Out of Control" perform their show which was pretty hilarious. I am not sure if these guys were here last year (I think they were) but they were pretty funny. The really wild part is that they are a juggling act and the wind was NOT cooperating with them. They continue on - mistakes and all - but made it pretty funny and enjoyable.

Probably the one thing that the city needs to do is figure out more ways to get shade up around the area so it's not so darn hot!


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