Friday, October 30, 2009

Impromptu model shoot...

On a whim I brought my camera bag to work today. I do this periodically with the "hope" that I am going have a chance to photography something/someone. Well today everything was aligned perfectly and a woman (Julia) I have been wanting to photograph for a while happened to be in costume for Halloween and when I mentioned that we should just do something on base in the not to distant future she said basically, "Too bad not today, I'm wearing my complete Renaissance outfit". So one thing led to another and after work I met with her for a photoshoot. Tom Vanlangenhoven volunteered to be an assistant (without his help with the lighting modifiers the photos wouldn't have turned out as well as they did) we went to town.

I think we all figured it would be pretty quick and a few frames but the location was really working well, as was the lighting. So after 3 memory cards, 506 photographs and an hour and a half we called it quits. It was a really great shoot and we make some really great images and had a lot of fun. Now its just a matter of going through the selects and pulling everything together. The shot above is one of the selects that jumped out at me through the initial cull of images.


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