Thursday, October 29, 2009

Deanna's last game!

Deanna had her final game today! I have only been able to see one other so it was great I was able to get out on time and be there to watch it! If you have never had an opportunity to watch little kids run around chasing a soccer ball in a little huddle it's pretty darn cute. Deanna did get pretty tired during the game and wanted to stop a couple of times but she stuck it out and finished.

They will have a finally "party" sometime in the not-to-distant-future and give out awards so I am sure that is going to be cool to!

I did get asked to shoot a team shot of one of the other teams that wasn't available during the schedule photo shoot day so I did that after the game. That was cool and it also reminded me why you never have the parents behind/near you when you are shooting kids - they all were focusing on mom and not looking at me. I haven't gone through all the shots yet but I think I got what they were looking for.


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