Saturday, October 03, 2009

Today was Desirae's double header soccer game. For some reason her coach thought it was a good idea to have her play goalie for most of both games. He did let her play a regular position for a single quarter. She wasn't really happy and was pretty disappointed about it. Denise also said some of the other parents were also not pleased with the way they would not rotate the girls around. With just enough players to field a team everyone always has to play and it doesn't make sense that he will not move the girls around. Desirae is pretty good natured so when he would come and talk to her she wouldn't really express her frustration. I am not sure what is going to come out of it. The one good thing is that afterward Desirae was happy and she did not say upset about playing the position.

I was also supposed to shoot some park stock photographs today and that fell apart. Tom did come out to help and since the shoot was off we did a location walk to see how it would have been. With the wind (it was really windy this afternoon) it would have been very difficult to use any light modifiers. We ended up just doing a scouting trip and took a few pictures. It was still cool to get out and about though.


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