Sunday, September 27, 2009


Okay, with Denise gone it has been an interesting weekend. First you have (working toward had) Deanna and Devin sick with a daily medical regiment they have to sick too (for the most part). Then you have this wild ass bright idea of trying to get some projects done around the house to include fix the toilet, fix/replace the faucet and cleanly drill a hole in Devin's desk so we can put the iMac in there.

To be honest, the toilet was a breeze, I could have done twenty of them. Plus Devin helped with the directions so that I did it right.

Then, the bottom dropped out. I tried to do the faucet... Just about everything that could go wrong did and it ended up taking ALL weekend to try to get it done. My main problem, at least I think, I thought it was going to be EASY... That was my first catastrophic mistake. That was anything BUT easy. After many trips back to the hardware store for correct parts and replacement broken parts (those would be the parts that I broke while trying to fix the broken part).

After a VERY stressful weekend for everyone and with the initial plan that we were going to do "something" I took everyone (I thought about leaving Deanna at the house but I figured she might burn it down) to the park to play for a bit after our final hardware store trip. I would have much preferred to head our earlier in the day to do that but considering all the work I needed to get done it wasn't really an option.

Deanna, as usual, ran her little feet off going 100 miles per hour. Devin spent the entire time in the swing. Actually Devin and Desirae started at the same time but after about 20 minutes Desirae was DONE (heck - it was hot out there). I think after Devin was about to DIE he decided he should stop. Shortly after that I loaded everyone back up and headed home to finish the PFH...

All in all everything is finished (three completed projects) and once I get enough laundry done for the kids to go to school tomorrow were all going to bed!

Well, after I watch DEXTER that is!!!


At Sunday, 27 September, 2009, Blogger Donna Rae said...

Good job Mr. Mom!


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