Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday boondoggle with Desirae...

The plan for today was to do some location scouting and general photography. Desirae decided that she wanted to go with me; so while Denise, Devin and Deanna went into town to get Devin some new shoes Desirae and I went the opposite direction. One of the places that I wanted to go back to was an abandoned general store that was near the F-22 plane crash from a few months ago. I ended up taking a few pictures there to include the one above. When Kris and I were working out there we drove by this place every day, but we never really had a chance to stop. We were either heading to the site to relief another crew or we had already spent the night in the desert (in a cargo van) and we were ready to go home and get some sleep... Anyway it was a really interesting place. The shot to the right was taken closer to home on our way back. We stopped along a dirt road to take some shots of Desirae standing/running/walking. This particular shot was as we were almost ready to pack up and the lighting was just amazing.

When we first arrived at the store mentioned above Desirae and I both took images of the debris from around the area. There was a bunch of broken glass on the ground and as you can see from the image broken panes still kind of in the windows. I thought this shot was kind of cool.

From this place we drove over to Randsburg Mojave to see what was going on around there. We had pretty much missed whatever was going on around there and most shops were closed. From there we ended up going to Ridgecrest to get something to eat (and buy toner) and then headed home. All in all it was a pretty long day but we got in a lot of shooting so that was REALLY cool.

I also had the change to use an iPhone app that I purchased a while ago to track sunrise and sunset. It was really cool to have something that told me exactly when the perfect light was going to be out and what direction it was going to be coming from. Those darn little apps are pretty cool!


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