Monday, September 07, 2009

End of the weekend...

Well, this has been an interesting long weekend. I didn't accomplish what I had hoped too, but we did have an interesting time. I did get some photography in the mix and I played a bit of guitar. Everyone else also did some photography too and I think we had a relaxing weekend.

I did miss out on a couple of opportunities to do a photo boondoggle one with a friend from work and another was a last minute (at least for me) Model Mayhem meet-up where I could have actually met with some local models and photographers. I am definitely have to make it to the next one. The guy who organized it (he's in Boron) seems pretty aggressive and wants to make things happen so that's cool. From that I also found some other pay shoots that are going on in the area as well. Stuff I hadn't realized.


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