Saturday, August 29, 2009

Finally... A blog...

Well, it has been a pretty long while since I have blog or really posted anything. A lot of things have been going on but for the most part it was throwing out my back that really screwed up the momentum on blogging. Not being able to really use a camera doesn't help either. Today Deanna really wanted to have her picture taken and while "we" were cleaning out the garage she pushed it and I broke out the camera. As you may have heard we have a lot of fires going on in Californian so the weather was very weird and the lighting was kind of off with all the smoke and ash in the air. Deanna had a lot of fun and it was cool taking photographs of her.

Since the last post my back has finally gotten better, the kids have spent a week at Nana and Max's house, Denise and I did a over night trip to the coast, Deanna had her 4th birthday and the kids are back in school... Hmm, so there is a pretty big empty spot for the last couple of months... Oh well, hopefully I am back on track with this now!


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