Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Desirae's new hair...

Desirae has been asking Denise to get her hair cut for a while now.  With everyone out of school for spring break Denise setup a time to visit Anne at her shop to have her cut her hair.  Now, I have no idea why Desirae wanted her hair cut but she did.  I took today off and stayed home with Devin and Deanna so that Denise could make this happen. We then met them in town to check out the new do and to have a nice lunch together. Desirae was VERY excited and happy about her hair cut and it is pretty darn cute too! As you may notice in the video Desirae wanted to donate her hair so it is off to help other folks. Denise said everyone in the salon was pretty excited about that and applauded Desirae doing that!


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