Saturday, February 21, 2009

Desirae's Birthday Party...

Desirae's birthday party was today and she has a pretty good turn out. Actually I think everyone that she invited showed up and it was a pretty full house. Denise had a couple of games planned but for the most part no one was really interested in them. She did wrangle all the girls into the backyard for a bit so that was kind of nice.

Mike had dropped of Aquaria and the plan was for us to take her back into town and go to dinner someone. Well, we got a really late start and were over an hour leaving so when we finally got into town it was nearly impossible to go anywhere "nice" for dinner. As it turned out though Desirae wanted to go to IHOP and for some odd reason they weren't busy! YA.

Anyway Desirae and Aquaria wanted Desirae to have a sleep over so we ended up dropped Desirae off there for the evening. So all it all it was a pretty good day.


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