Monday, September 08, 2008

Funeral and reception...

My brother Daren gave the eulogy at my grandmother's funeral and he did an outstanding job. For a very somber moment he was able to keep everything positive and focus on the good memories that we all had with my grandmother. He incorporated the DVD into the service and it really worked well and everyone seemed impressed with the service and the video.

After the service was complete my dad had a reception at his house for the family. I didn't really realize just how much family we had. Most of the people I hadn't seen in years and could hardly even remember. I still am having a hard time putting names to faces. The one really neat thing is that folks (I can't remember everyone's name) brought their instruments and it turned into a really long jam session. It was really cool to see and hear everyone play and it sounded pretty darn good!

As usual I took a bunch of photographs and the selects can be found here!


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