Saturday, April 19, 2008

Poppy Festival...

Even with all the drama of work schedules, bad backs, etc we still made it to the Antelope Valley Poppy Festival today. This is an annual event that Denise looks forward to every year. Nana and Max also came down to go to it. The last time they went Desirae was just a baby and Devin wasn't too mobile. Although it was a long day and very windy we had a pretty good time down there. Denise found the tied-dyed shirts she was looking for and other than the whining that the kids generally do it was pretty cool. Afterward we went to Famous Dave's for dinner which was awesome (as usual) and left everyone feeling like they wanted to explode. The one funny part of the day was when Deanna decided to be a street bum and laid down on the sidewalk to take a rest. It was really cute.

The original plan was that we would stay in the trailer at the Antelope Valley Fair Ground RV Park but with Denise's back and such we decided that wasn't a good idea. I drove back down there on Friday to pick it up and instead just ended up crashing down there for the night. Today, on our way back, my Mom stayed back with me to connect up the trailer and bring it home. Having the power jack and such makes it much easier to it wasn't too bad. Now it is just a matter of wait and see how everyone feels tomorrow!


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