Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Seth and home...

Before we left for home Seth played a bit for us. Actually he, Jeff, and Gene played a lot while we were there but I only made a few captures. I plan on making more when we go back there in a few weeks.

Anyway - we finally made it back home. It was a LONG trip under very stressful circumstances. Denise is doing well, as is everyone, although everyone is still in shock that this even happened. It still seems very unbelievable. For now it is just good to be home.

Speaking of home my mom packed everything up and headed for home herself today. I know this has been pretty hard on her too but we are VERY fortunate that she was able to come back. Had she not been here we would have either driven back with everyone (unlikely) or Denise would have just flown back with her and Deanna. In the end I was very glad I was able to go back with her - I think it was important for both of us to be there.

Well life starts to return to normal when I go back to work... And the weirdest part of all... Life goes on...


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