Saturday, November 18, 2006

A day with Laurin...

Today was the day I had the chance to meet Laurin Rinder for lunch. I am not sure if I mentioned this before, but he is putting on a free seminar for stock photography toward the end of February that I was lucky enough to make the list for. He is also a professional photographer who has been shooting for many years. With that I had asked if we could meet before the February event and he agreed! So today I drove down to West Hollywood for lunch. I wasn’t not really sure how it would go but he is a VERY nice person and we chatted much longer than we probably should have (it turned out to be about 4 hours). It was really wonderful to have a chance to talk to a real-life working pro who has also embraced the micro-stock method of marketing images. I pretty much left our meeting with my head spinning and it is probably going to take a few days to truly digest all the things we talked about and the suggestions that he offered. The biggest one was to get off my butt and start shoot! Hmmm – I know I was forgetting something, put the eye to the viewfinder, compose something interesting, check the exposure, and press the button! Okay, he didn’t really say it like that, but the point was crystal clear. Realistically though he did go over some really great information and although it is something that I should have already known sometimes you just have to have someone tell you to really drive it in! I also realized that I have been other thinking some of my shots, meaning that when he was looking at my folder of prints he kept asking “why haven’t you posted this” and I would come up with some lame reason why I hadn’t posted it and he would just give me that look. So I need to take a step back and not try to over think this thing. Anyway I had a really great time and I was amazed at home much time he gave me. Actually I hadn’t realized just how long it had been until he left and I checked my clock (phone). I hope I can get a chance to meet with him again and I would LOVE the opportunity to watch him work… However, right now I need to go out and create some of my own images!

But - it is REALLY late and after spending so much time on the road today I am going to call it quits! Still, it was a pretty amazing day! I will probably post some of my walk around imagines - besides the one above tomorrow.


At Monday, 20 November, 2006, Anonymous Mom said...

So glad you had this wonderful opportunity. Did you ask if you could watch him work? That would be a great learning experience. Mom


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