Sunday, November 26, 2006

The park

We went into Lancaster today to return the phone we bought yesterday in Ridgecrest. It was a PILE and neither of us could hear very well with it. We ended up meeting Kris and Gail for lunch (which was pretty nice) and then went to the park to let the kids play around. I had some ideas for some shots I wanted to get - and I didn't get any of them - however I did get a couple of everyone going through the leaves. The only bad thing about today was how cold it was. The problem is just trying to watch all of the kids and setup a shot. Probably had there been less people there I would have tried it - but as it was it was VERY difficult to keep our eyes on all of the kids.

Oh - and I have finally gotten off my bum and have aggressively re-attacked the stock thing. I have about 32 new images sitting in the queues at various sites (two already approved them) and a few good ideas on the board to hopefully try to grab throughout the week (at least the studio ones). The big test is going to be on ShutterStock and iStock because they are a bit more selective in what they accept.


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