Monday, November 27, 2006

Hair cut and climbing

Denise cut Devin's hair the other day and since we had the studio gear setup we just did it there in the studio. Most of the shots were not really usable for stock but I kind of like this one. The focus isn't on Denise, but on the scissors but I thought itw as kind of cool. Denise is getting really good at cutting hair.

I had hoped to take some shots tonight but it just wasn't in the cards. Way too much going on and trying to set something up was just unrealistic. It is amazing how difficult it is to try and organize things with three kids running around. Speaking of that - Deanna has taken up climbing on EVERYTHING! Today Denise said she came into the dining room and Deanna had climbed her way upon the table. She was just sitting there in the middle of the table pouring the salt and pepper all over the table... We are not sure what we are going to do with this - but it is getting very stressful because if you aren't watching her every second she ends up someplace you don't really want her... Sorry there are no pictures - I think Denise was busy trying to restart her heart!


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