Friday, December 01, 2006

Full house meeting...

I guess the pack leader sent out a nasty letter to everyone that if they weren't going to show up to just drop their kids out. So tonight there were more people at a meeting then I have seen in a VERY long time. Personally I kind of like the smaller meetings - but I guess since there are 14 kids signed up having only 3 or 4 kids show up for a meeting isn't that great. As is typically the meetings didn't last very long and the den leader let everyone go after 40 minutes. I didn't really care, but one lady left her kid there so he was running around unsupervised for a few until his mom came back. I didn't realize it until Devin and I were driving away and I saw her getting out of the car. I would be WAY MAD if I was her... But then again I wouldn't leave Devin there by himself, but that is NOT the norm for everyone else (except for Mike who also stays).


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