Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Work portrait...

My boss (Deputy Commander of the Comm Squadron), who I found out today used to be into photography big time, wanted to see my Nikon D200 so I went ahead and brought it in today. It turns out that he too is an old Nikon shooter and wanted to see what the new digital Nikon SLRs were all about. In playing around I snapped a couple of photographs of him and you know me, I can't help myself, I had to process the shot and post it on the blog. You know the only thing that gets me smiling at work is talking about cameras.

On another positive note Nana came down unexpectedly and is going to be here a couple of days. She was sitting out front when I got here (she didn't have the right key to get in). She came down to have some work done on her sewing machine from the store she bought it at (in Palmdale). Anyway I didn't get a chance to get any pictures of her and the kids - but I will definitely do that tomorrow.


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