Friday, June 30, 2006

Who me?

Deanna was crawling around the house and I just couldn't help but take a couple of pictures. She has really been moving around lately and just crawls around from room to room. It has been a while since I followed her around with my camera but she didn't seem to mind.

Devin and Deanna also played a little bit today. It is really kind of strange the way the kids play. At some times it seems like both Devin and Desirae run away from Deanna. They will be playing in one room and when Deanna crawls to where they are they grab everything and go into another room. At other times, like in this photo, they play really well with her.

The only problem with today is that Denise wrecked her back again this morning. She called me shortly after 0900 hours to say that she took herself out putting away the George Forman grill. So I finished what I needed to (budget spending estimates) and headed home to help out. Hopefully her back will fill better tomorrow.


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