Saturday, June 17, 2006

BBQ at Caleb and Terry's

Caleb invited us over for a pre-father's day BBQ. I have been wanting to see his new place for a while and it was everything Caleb said it would be. He has a pretty big place on 5 acres that include a pool, horse stables, ATVs, motorcycles, pool-table, video games, etc, etc, etc... Needless to say their place is beautiful and even with ALL the people that were there it did not feel crowded.

Kids being kids wanted to spend most of their time in the pool. Even I finally got into the pool and it was pretty neat, and tiring! Somehow Caleb and Denise talked Desirae in jumping off the diving board. Luckily I was able to get a picture of it because it only happened once. I think Desirae scared herself and after the first time we couldn't get her to do it again. The only bad thing was that she sank to the bottom and Caleb had to grab her and bring her back up. She was pretty proud of herself though.

One of the boys was kind enough to saddle up his horse and took Desirae around the coral. I would have thought that we wouldn't been able get her off the horse but she didn't her little ride and was ready to get off. Denise also took a ride around. It was pretty neat and it was cool to have the opportunity to do that in a more relaxed environment unlike trying to do it at a fair or something like that. I didn't ride, but I have never really been an animal person. We tried to get Devin to come out and ride, but once he started playing video games getting him to leave the house was pretty much over.

All in all it was a really nice time and everyone had a lot of fun. I am really glad that we made the long trek over to their place. They invited us back again and I think we just might have to take them up on that!


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