Monday, May 29, 2006

He can walk!!!

We finally put Devin's braces back on him and he started walking around the house. Denise I and forgot about it and he hadn't worn his braces the entire time. Devin was really excited and kept walking down the hallway, across the dinning room, through the kitchen, and finally into the living room. Then he would turn around and head back the other way. Everyone was really excited to see him doing it and he was pretty happy with himself too! Still not quite ready for a walking party, but getting closer.

Nana and Max have been nice enough to let us sleep in their bed the entire time we were here. That has really made it nice for us and helped Denise out with taking care of the baby. The added benefit is that in the morning the kids crawl up into the bed with us. Kind of neat considering since we don't have a TV in our room the kids generally head into the living-room in the morning.

The big thing, as usual, has been the coloring of pictures. Devin has really been into that this weekend and has hoodwinked everyone else into joining him in his coloring. I even got into the act for a picture. It was kind of relaxing actually. I think Devin finished like three or four pictures while we were here. It has been a combination between coloring and playing video games!


At Monday, 29 May, 2006, Blogger Jane said...

How wonderful for your son!! He is a great looking boy.


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