Saturday, May 27, 2006

Made it...

It wasn’t too bad of a trip and we made it okay. Denise had planned for us to stop along the way for a picnic which was pretty cool. It was nice to get out and just relax for a bit without having to go into a restaurant or anything like that. Desirae did take the opportunity to run around a bit too. I think that really helped to break up the trip.

The traffic and such wasn’t too bad either. That might have been because we left early and technically Friday wasn’t a holiday. I am not sure if we are heading back Monday or Tuesday – but I imagine if we do go back on Monday it will be a nightmare. I did get leave approved for Tuesday so I think we might just go then.

Today was spent just recovering from the trip and trying to do some running around. Anyway everyone made it safe and sound!


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