Thursday, May 27, 2010

Desirae's Reading Award...

I took the afternoon off today so I could attend the award ceremony at Desirae’s school. She has been working very hard at her reading and was recognized with an “AR” (which I think means Advanced Reading) award and trophy. She was very excited about this and yesterday asked if I could attend. Initially I said no because I’ve been off a lot lately but I rearranged my schedule and made the time to go. She was VERY happy in getting the award, as you can clearly see in the image, and it was really great to be apart of it.

The really amazing part is to think that another school year is nearly over! In just a week both Devin and Desirae will be out of school for the summer. It seems like a blink of the eye and the school year is over. We have a pretty packed summer planned which includes hosting a coach for soccer camp, a multi-week visit for the kids at my mom’s and then a solo trip for Denise and the kids back to Oklahoma for about three weeks… Pretty much after that it will all about getting ready to start back to school with Deanna starting her first year next year.


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