Saturday, September 05, 2009

Not quiet what I expected...

Well, today didn't go quiet like I had expected but it was still good. The day started with the IEP for Deanna that went pretty good. They didn't tell us anything we didn't think and we now have Deanna schedule for speech classes starting toward the end of the month. The just detailed the results from the evaluation earlier in the week. Bottom line, she does have some issues but they think she will work through them in about two years. They also gave us some ideas on how to help her more at home so that was kind of cool.

My trip to Bakersfield was good but it was mainly running from one place to another. I did FINALLY get to Sears and bought replacement for ALL of our HEPA filters... Man those things aren't cheap...

When I finally did get home Deanna was zonked out the couch (the picture above) and she never really woke up. I did forget to ask Denise what the deal was (I did get home late so there may be no deal) but she normally doesn't do that. She was really cute though so I had to take a picture.


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