Tuesday, September 01, 2009

More portraits...

Both Devin and Deanna wanted to take pictures today so I pulled out a mono block with a large soft box and set up a couple of different shots. It was really cool that Devin was interested in doing it and he wanted to pose and try some different shots. We really ran out of time to do too much because we had to go pick Desirae up from Soccer and we got home late (did it after we came back).

Like I said; Deanna was REALLY pushing to take pictures and I set everything up to photograh her before we left to pick up Desirae. I didn't really have a good location so I just cleaned off the dinning room table, had her climb up and lit everything there. I feathered the soft box so that it didn't light the back wall to make it go dark. Deanna wanted to try a bunch of different things and it was pretty cool to do some studio work again.

When we left we didn't really get to see much of Desirae practicing (Denise had to go a Girl Scout leadership meeting) and we ended up just waiting (playing) in the van until she was done. I am not sure how many folks know but the soccer team is having a heck of a time finding players and their team does not currently have enough players to field a team. So we are not really sure what is going to go on with that.


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Nice shots!


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