Friday, November 21, 2008

Starting to settle in...

Devin is doing better today and we had an opportunity to move him out into the living room. While there we played a couple of video games and watched some television. Also while he was out there he had his first visitor come to see him and drop off a package. Ms. Gina Sprague and her daughter Madison who are in the picture. At Devin's old school Gina decided to setup a basket for the faculty to leave presents for him. The idea/plan is that he can only open one a day and it gives him one more thing to look forward to. They also put a present for Desirae and Deanna in there. It was an incredibly nice gesture and Devin REALLY appreciated it!

Anyway, Devin is doing pretty good and the swelling he was having in his right foot is starting to go down. We have kept an eye on it and we were pleased that it started shrinking. At least the color was always good.


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