Monday, November 17, 2008

In Los Angeles...

Well, today was the day we headed down to Los Angeles to spend the night in preparation for Devin's surgery tomorrow. Our plan was to get down here, get settled and then go do some fun stuff with Devin. We let him choose what he wanted to do so we used the marvel of the iPhone to find an Olive Garden for dinner. After a pretty good dinner, where we ate way too much, we headed over to a Borders Books to pick up some reading to occupy our time tomorrow. The one irritating thing of the day was when we were almost in LA and we got the call that they scheduled his surgery for 2:45pm tomorrow. It isn't so much the time, but the restrictions on what he can and when he can eat. So as it stands right now after midnight he can only have clear liquids and then at noon he can't have anything. Considering we are going to Children's Hospital everyone is pretty much a kid but it is still frustrating that he is going to have to go the entire morning without eating anything.

So with that in mind we also (again using the iPhone) found a Cold Stone and had more ice cream than ANY of us should have had. But it was a pretty good time and it was a nice evening.

Now we are just hanging out in the room reading and such.

At least since the hotel has internet access (free even) I should be able to keep up on the blog. Nana has done us the tremendous favor of coming down to watch the girls and give me and Denise the opportunity to both be here for Devin and each other. She is also going to stick around until Thanks Giving when Max will come down. That should REALLY give us some help when Devin gets home.


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