Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Surgery is complete...

Well, today was the day for Devin’s surgery. Fortunately we headed down last night because they called twice (at the house – not Denise’s cell phone) to push up the surgery. That was good because Devin didn’t have to wait as long – but it did stress things in the morning because we went from leisure to chaos in an instant. Fortunately we were close and made it down to the hospital when they needed us there.

Devin wanted Uncle Brad to pray for him before he went in and Denise was able to connect with him right before they started the prepping him for admission. It really meant a lot to Devin and Denise and I were grateful that Brad was able to do it.

During the pre-op stuff a bunch of folks came in to speak with Devin, and us. Doctor Kay also came back in and went over everything that they had planned for him for the surgery. After getting him ready and providing some pre-sedation medication they wheeled him off and Denise and I went and waited until it was over.

After about 4 and a half hours Dr. Kay came down to give us the out-brief on Devin’s surgery. Everything went well and he was able to do everything that he needed to do. It was quite a bit and I can’t really remember everything right now but needless to say it was a LOT of work on Devin. Shortly after that they called us up to the recovery room. The one (well there are many) unfortunate incident is that Devin was awake before we got up there and he prompted freaked out. We were able to get him some additional pain medication and calmed him down but he was really freaked out about the entire thing.

The other unfortunate incident is that for some reason they were unable to provide rooms for many of the children who had surgery today. So right now, Denise and Devin are still in the recovery area and they are sleeping there tonight. They did bring in a hospital bed instead of the gurney he was on. Denise, however, gets to sleep on that same gurney.

We are still not sure what the plan is for tomorrow. They are kind of planning on sending him home tomorrow, but he neither of us is really sure that is a good idea. Devin still hasn’t eaten anything and up until just recently every time he drinks something he throws up. So we want to make darn sure he is stable before we get him home (hours away from the hospital).

Anyway I am REALLY beat and thought I would try to do a blog before I crash… As usual, more to follow!


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