Saturday, April 12, 2008

In town...

Well, we were all feeling a little bit better today and decided to drive into Bakersfield for lunch/dinner and to hit a couple of stores. I really wanted to get some information about audio/video receivers and see if there was a realistic solution that would enable us to run everything through on device instead of having to switch everything around.

For lunch we ended up going to The Red Lobster and it was pretty good. Devin really wanted crab legs but we were not sure how well he would do with them so we had him punt on that and just give it a try with one of Denise's. He actually did pretty good so next time it is crab leg central for the little guy. I was actually surprised because those things are a major pain...

The A/V receiver search went pretty good and as it turned out the one I really wanted to get was on sale and about the price i was willing to pay for a less-feature-rich one. Since the store (Circuit City) has a pretty good return policy (30 days) I went ahead and got a Denon 888. It was pretty easy to set up and seems to be working pretty good. I think it also has more power than our old unit (Onkyo) but the main goal was to have a method to switch everything to the right mode. With the Onkyo we had to always switch modes on the TV and the receiver. It was a major pain. So this should alleviate that problem. Like I said we also have 30 days to make up our minds so that is cool.


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